Manasquan Inline Hockey

The Manasquan Inline Hockey is a hockey rink in Manasquan, New Jersey. It is located on 2nd Avenue, Manasquan. As part and provider of the best plumbing services in the area, Proficient Plumbing & Heating is glad to tell you more about this amazing spot!

The Manasquan Inline Hockey is a non-profit, volunteer organization which proudly offers youth inline hockey to Manasquan and the nearby communities for more than sixteen years now. 

All about the Manasquan Hockey

The organization scales monthly thanks to the patience consistency and constant support from families. It also owes some of its success to the coaches and refs who volunteer their experience and help every week, also the shore construction which helped to get the rink up after it got blown down in the spring.

The Manasquan Inline Hockey had provisions for the disabled in the form of its wheelchair-accessible entrance. There are night high school pick-up hockey nights every Wednesday from 6-9 pm.

There are different events played in the hockey rink, from the u15 division games to skills and drills. The players are known for their tenacity, despite the weather conditions, whether it is windy or dry, they show up weekly, ready and eager to play with smiles, and patiently wait to get their temps taken.

The players at the Manasquan Inline Hockey are always worthy of note. Every once in a while, a parent comments or mentions how polite or caring the boys are. It is no longer an argument about how the players at Manasquan Inline Hockey are very respectful, polite, grateful, engaging, cooperative, and a wonderful example of good sportsmanship and humanity in general.

They are known to always come back, either they come back to play or to referee, help with other upcoming players, and so many others. They never forget to greet the organizers every Wednesday night, with wide smiles, showing gratitude at being allowed this outlet to have fun, express their creativity, and above all, have the opportunity to play the game they love with the friends they have made over the years. At the end of the day, however, all the praise goes to the parents who trained these players right.

The Manasquan Inline Hockey has had many achievements over the years, some of which include an induction to the USA Roller Sports Hall of Fame. The Manasquan Inline Hockey is proud of its players and families and its ability to offer hockey to anybody who wants to learn or play the game, for the past 20 years. It has been a pleasure these 20 years.

And after a game, you can also enjoy the best restaurants in the area such as:

Here’s the map for Manasquan Inline Hockey:

As you can see, Manasquan Inline Hockey is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!