Garbage Disposal Machines in Monmouth County & Ocean County

Garbage disposals, also known as garburators, are useful appliances for any kitchen. Whenever you have food waste, you can throw it into your garbage disposal system and this small machine under your sink will grind the waste into tiny pieces. This is a convenient way of getting rid of food scraps, and it can cut down on the garbage that goes into your bags for pick-up. 

Many people think of garbage disposals as loud, noisy, and smelly contraptions, lurking under kitchen sinks, ready to mangle an unwary hand. It is true that garbage disposals should be handled with care, but many modern garbage disposal models are quieter, safer, and easier to clean than garbage disposals were in the past. Our plumbers serve Monmouth County and Ocean County, and our team is trained to help with all sorts of garbage disposal issues, from installation to repair or replacement.

Do I need a garbage disposal? 

Garbage disposals are convenient and useful for many reasons. They reduce waste, reduce spending on plastic bags, and can protect your pipes from clogging because the waste is ground up finely before going through the pipes. It can also reduce odors in your home because trash isn’t left to rot in your garbage bags. This is especially helpful if you live in an area where garbage is collected weekly or even once every two weeks. 

Many of our customers find garbage disposals convenient, but others don’t bother having one installed because they don’t think it will be worth the effort and hassle. If you’re curious about the experience of having a garbage disposal, but you want to skip a time-consuming DIY installation, give us a call! We can help you select and set up your new garbage disposal product quickly and efficiently, and remove or replace it just as easily if you don’t find it helpful. 

Which garbage disposal should I get? 

There are two main types of garbage disposal systems on the market. One type is continuous feed garbage disposal units, while the other one is called batch-feed garbage disposal

Continuous feed garbage disposals are just what they sound like – garbage disposal units that can continuously be fed food waste. These garbage disposals are cheaper and very convenient, especially if you need to dispose of large amounts of food waste at once. 

Batch-feed garbage disposal systems are garbage disposal units designed with safety in mind. If you have small children, elderly adults or other people with disabilities, you may want to invest in a batch-feed garbage disposal system. These units dispose of food waste one batch at a time. When the chamber is full and the top of the system is closed, the garbage disposal system can start crushing up the food waste. If the top of the system is open, the system can’t be activated. This makes it impossible to turn on the garbage disposal if somebody is sticking their hand inside. 

Around one thousand people suffer injuries from garbage disposal systems each year in the United States. Most of these accidents happen when somebody reaches into the garbage disposal attempting to unclog the system or rescue a valuable item that has fallen into the drain, such as a ring or silverware. 

Remember: always treat a garbage disposal system with respect. Even if the garbage disposal isn’t running when you put your hand inside, it can easily start up again if the obstruction is cleared or if you accidentally bump the switch. Cutting the power to your garbage disposal system should always be the first step in any kind of job that needs to be done in or around the garbage disposal. 

If you are worried about the possibilities of injury, our plumbers can easily replace your continuous feed garbage disposal with a batch-feel model which can decrease the chances of injury.

What problems can garbage disposals have? 

As with any moving machinery, garbage disposals can run into a lot of different issues during their operational lives. A big issue with garbage disposals is improper cleaning, or putting in items that are not meant to go in a garbage disposal. If there are food particles left over in your garbage disposal, especially from meats, your garbage disposal unit will begin to give off a foul odor. If you notice something especially stinky in your kitchen, it may be a sign your garbage disposal is dirty. If you can’t find the source of the smell, give us a call! This kind of clog not only causes a putrid stench, but the grease or leftover foods can lead to corrosion. This is a serious problem that can shorten the life of your machine and lead to water damage from leaks.

Garbage disposal problems? Give us a call!

Other problems with garbage disposals can be leaks, jams, or an odd noise whenever you try to grind food waste. Since garbage disposal units are complicated machines with a lot of moving components, calling our plumbing and heating service is usually a good choice. We will send an experienced plumber to solve your problem, whether big or small. Contact us on our website, give us a call or send an email for a free quote today!