Hose Bibs

What is a hose bib?

A hose bib, also known as a sillcock or a spigot, is a plumbing fixture that is used to control the flow of water from a pipe or spigot. It is typically located on the exterior of a home, near the foundation, and is used to attach a garden hose for watering the lawn, filling a wading pool or washing a dog. Most homes with yards or outdoor spaces have at least one hose bib, with many properties having several of them.

This small, yet invaluable piece of hardware is usually made from brass or other durable materials, and is designed to withstand the elements. It is simpler and sturdier than indoor faucets, and usually less consideration is given to style and decoration. Hose bibs are tough fixtures for a tough environment. 

Do I need a hose bib? 

If you do any kind of activities in your back yard or patio, you probably need a hose bib. Even if you can’t think of any activities that would need a sprinkler, garden hoses or an area to easily fill buckets outside, you may need a hose bib some day for emergencies, or just for washing off your muddy rain boots or your compost bin. 

It’s safe to say that if you have a yard, you need a hose bib. If you don’t have a hose bib, we can help you choose the best site and install one.

What is the best location for a hose bib? 

When placing sillcocks or hose bibs, it’s best to think of the types of outdoor activities that you do most often, and where you will usually do these jobs. If you have a garden, it’s a good idea to have it as close as possible to your plot of soil. If you regularly wash your car, it’s ideal to have the hose bib near the garage or parking area, but not in a place where the car could run into it while backing into your driveway. 

Many customers prefer to install several hose bibs around the house for different tasks. If you need a new hose bib installed, talk to one of our plumbers. They can recommend the best area for your hose bib, and install your new outdoor faucet without any trouble.

What kinds of problems can hose bibs have? 

Hose bibs are a part of your plumbing system that runs outside your home. Because of its exposed location, hose bibs need to be made of durable and weather-resistant materials. Hose bibs can easily be struck by objects like cars, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers or soccer balls. If the hose bib is jolted hard enough, it can crack the pipe or the cement or brick wall surrounding it.

Hose bibs are also vulnerable to cold temperatures. If you live in an area where water freezes during the winter, you need to make sure you winterize your hose bib and the pipes leading to the interior of your home. If pipes, faucets or valves freeze because of water left inside, it can lead to bursting or cracks. 

If you suspect that your hose bib has sustained damage from weather or impacts, or if you notice a leak or drip around the valve, handle or nozzle, it is a great idea to call a licensed plumber. Our plumbers have the experience needed to diagnose your plumbing problem. 

It is possible that your hose bib has reached the end of its operational life and needs a replacement. Another possibility is that a part inside your faucet, such as a washer or a spindle, has been damaged or worn out with frequent use. In that case, all you need is some new parts and some maintenance. 

Our experienced plumbing team can handle any job related to plumbing lines, fixtures and accessories. We look after installation, inspections, repairs as well as bigger jobs that even DIY experts shouldn’t do. 

Remember, a small leak could turn into a huge problem in the future. Water is a powerful force, and running or dripping water can lead to foundation cracks and water damage inside your home, especially when freezes and thaws expand and contract the moisture in the concrete. 

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