The Salty Whale and Guesthouse

Looking for a great place to spend your leisure time, watch sports, or grab a quick bite? Then make your way to The Salty Whale and Guesthouse.

The Salty Whale and Guesthouse is a nice cosy American restaurant, bar, and grill which offers different cuisines, from American, fusion to bar and pub, and still provides you with an opportunity to watch sports, have happy hour drinks, great cocktails, a quick bite or a small plate of food. The opening hours are from 4-10 pm.

This wonderful restaurant is located at 390 E Main St, Manasquan, sharing the area with many amazing places such as Leggetts Sand Bar, The Committed Pig, Riverside Cafe, Squan Tavern, Fisherman’s Cove Conservation Area, Manasquan Inline Hockey, and the list continues!

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Why The Salty Whale and Guesthouse?

The Salty Whale and Guesthouse provides outdoor seating with heating service options. There are also provisions for curbside pickup, takeaway, and dine-in. The Salty Whale and Guesthouse does not play with the health and safety of its customers. During this dreary period of coronavirus, every customer is required to wear a mask, as well as the staff. Also, the staff is required to disinfect surfaces between visits.

Some of the great highlights about The Salty Whale and Guesthouse include a great beer selection, great cocktails, live music, and sport. It is also popular for lunch, dinner, and solo dining. For disabled people, The Salty Whale and Guesthouse has also made provisions for that too; in terms of accessibility. There is a wheelchair-accessible entrance, seating, and lift. 


The atmosphere provided at The Salty Whale and Guesthouse is a casual and cosy one with its many amenities such as a bar on site, high chairs, a kid-friendly environment with its kids’ menu options, and free wifi. The Salty Whale and Guesthouse is open and welcoming to different kinds of crowds: from families to groups to tourists. 

Payments can be easily made with debit or credit cards. So you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around. American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa are the kinds of debit and credit cards accepted. 

At The Salty Whale and Guesthouse, you end up with:

  • timeless memories of the whale coastal cuisine
  • nice cocktails
  • live entertainment
  • fabulous guest house accommodations

Other highlights apart from the ones already mentioned above include its many vegetarian options, waiter service, military discount, provision of street parking and a private lot parking, bike parking, e.t.c. 

What are you waiting for? Make your way to The Salty Whale and Guesthouse and have an enjoyable stable worth every penny. Have a classy experience fit for a classy person such as you.

Here’s the map for The Salty Whale and Guesthouse:

As you can see, The Salty Whale and Guesthouse is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!