Lakewood Library

Reading is an essential part of our generation, it is why Proficient Plumbing & Heating as members of this community will love to guide you to one of the best libraries in Lakewood. 

Located at 301 Lexington Ave. Lakewood is the Lakewood Library. It is the perfect spot for bookworms and it is next to lots of interesting places such as Lakewood Historical Museum, Lake Shenandoah County Park, Ocean County Park, Lake Carasaljo, Beth Medrash Govoha, and more.

About the Lakewood Library

The Lakewood Library is one of the county’s busiest libraries. It  has the highest public computer use in the system and it is also the home to over 120,000 volumes. It is open 68 hours per week during the school year and 64 hours per week during the summer.

Brief History of the Lakewood Library 

The first records of the town library date back approximately 140 years ago. Lakewood was then known as the Village of Bricksburg and the library was managed by the Bricksburg Library Association.

They used a room offered by the Presbyterian Society, and its collection had 40 volumes. At the beginning, it was supported by an annual fee of $1 per subscriber and some additional funding provided through lectures, plays, cake sales, teas, card parties, and dances.

After the town became the Township of Lakewood, the library was renamed as the Lakewood Library Association. It was incorporated in 1893. 

In 1917, the Lakewood Free Library was built on Monmouth Avenue (now Catholic Charities). Funds were given by the Carnegie Corporation, the Township and private donations. 

In 1995, Lakewood constructed a new building of 18,500 square feet at its current location on Lexington Avenue between 3rd and 4th Streets. In November of 1998, Lakewood’s citizens voted to join the Ocean County Library and on January 1, 1999 that became effective.

Here’s the map for the Lakewood Library:

As you can see, the Lakewood Library is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!