Lakewood Country Club

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The Lakewood Country Club is located at 145 Country Club Drive, Lakewood, NJ 08701. The club drive has a golf course with par-72, an 18 hole disc, and a 6,556 yard. It is a golf course that accommodates all levels of golf players whether pro or beginners.

History of the Lakewood Country Golf Club

The Lakewood Country Club was founded in 1896. The initial course belonged to the golf club of Lakewood which was organized in 1894 but incorporated in 1898.

Most notably among the founders were Jasper Lynch and Robert Bage Kerr. The golf club was present even before the formation of the club, it came into existence in the year 1893. Champion Willie Dunn who designed the first nine-hole course also had a visit to the site that same year.

In 1896, the course was expanded eastward which turned it into an eighteen-hole course. In the year 1895, Lakewood’s Bi-annual tournament began. Jasper Lynch was among the competitors and winners in the very first season. The golf club joined the U.S.G.A, it was a member, and was one of the first ten clubs to that. It later became a charter member of the M.G.A, W.M.G.A and the News Jersey State Golf Association. In the following year, the first P.G.A style tournament was held at the club.

In the spring of 1898, the golf club relocated to a new site which was a ten-minute drive from the railroad station to the west of the village down lake drive. The new club was a farm that was converted to suit the needs of the club. The features include a café which has a large fireplace include and floor-to-ceiling windows that extended in a broad curve around the north end of the building overlooking the end golf course.

The new club had its 18-holes designed by Tom Bendelow which was played at 5695 and was surrounded by a forest with few isolated trees at the golf course. Willie Anderson was the club’s professional but he sadly left in 1898, his successor was Willie Norton. The prominent Harry Vardon visited the club on his 1900 tour of this country. The club changed its name in 1899 to the “Country Club of Lakewood”. RB remodeled the golf course in 1922.

You can find the Lakewood Country Club next to other fantastic spots such as Lake Shenandoah County Park, Lakewood Historical Museum, Lakewood Township Municipal Airport, Lake Carasaljo, Ocean County Park, and more!

Here’s the map for the Lakewood Country Club:

As you can see, the Lakewood Country Club is about 25 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!