Wendy’s is an international fast food and restaurant founded by Dave Thomas in the year 1969 in Columbus, on the premise “Quality is our Recipe.” Wendy’s premise as far back as 1969 attributes’ motor to date, and that has been one of its attributes from when it has been created to date. 

On January 29th, 2006, the American company moved its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio, United States, and as we speak, Wendy already has branches in Howell, New Jersey, 360 other locations, and 5520 franchised locations to make a total of 5881 stores across the globe.   

It’s located at 4510 U.S. 9, Howell Township, near great spots like the Manasquan Reservoir, Texas Roadhouse, Allaire State Park Campground, White Castle, Candlewood Swim & Racquet Club, and more.

Wendy’s mission and vision statement and its employee alignment

For Wendy’s, delivering top-notch services is key. And this fast food has been delivering best of services and food to its client’s. Wendy’s holds firmly to:

  • its mission statement: “deliver superior quality products and services for our customers and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships”.
  • its vision statement to help other people become successful business owners by owning a Wendy’s franchise. We look for franchisees who are committed to quality, not cutting corners.
  • its employee alignment: Wendy’s mission and vision have done a great job by motivating 73% of Wendy’s employees. Apart from getting paid, the company’s mission has always been the most important thing for 4% of Wendy’s employees while 10% stayed in Wendy’s basically because of her mission.  

Why we love Wendy’s in Howell?

  1. Wendy’s meal is yummy and reliable.  
  2. Wendy´s is a social media winner. People who love tasty fast food do debate on which chain boasts the best of burgers and chicken sandwiches. But a larger number of social media users agreed to the fact that Wendy’s social media posts are the best and even her competitors bow to her posts. 
  3. Unlike other fast-food restaurants whose ice cream machine develops fault often, we love Wendy’s because nutritious ice cream is always available, and we believe that it will always be available. Wendy’s offers a special new breakfast option.
  4. Wendy’s food menu is divided into 18 sections, while each of the sections is loaded with nutritious meals & drinks: Combos, Feed The Fam Deals, Hamburgers, Chicken, Nuggets, Fresh–Made Salads, Fries And Sides, Breakfast Combos, Croissants, Biscuits, Classics, Coffee, Sides, Beverages, etc…
  5. Wendy’s uses fresh beef for their burger; many prefer Wendy’s burgers to burgers from any other source.

Proficient Plumbing & Heating and the community resident, love Wendy’s, & we are glad to have Wendy’s in Howell.

Here’s the map for Wendy’s in Howell:

As you can see, Wendy’s is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!