Wall Stadium Speedway

Seeking a place to engage in speedway racing with upscale recognized racing events? The Wall Stadium Speedway is the place for you.

Wall Stadium Speedway is a one-quarter mile paved oval track located at 1803 State Route 34, Wall Township. It is next to places like Attilio’s Pizza & Restaurant, The New Jersey Museum of Transportation Inc, Mizuki Hibachi Asian Bistro, Shark River Park, Allaire State Park, Quail Ridge Golf Course, and many more!

History of the Wall Stadium Speedway

The founders, who are Tom and Jennie Nicol, had always wanted to build their own race track after they enjoyed stock car racing at Long Branch speedway. The couple bought 55 acres of land off Route 34 in Wall Township, New Jersey, and built a ¼ mile high banked paved oval track which was very strange to people as of the time.

The track was officially opened to the public in the spring of 1950 with the yearly Turkey Derby capping each season on the Saturday following Thanksgiving Day beginning in 1974.

After the season of 2001, Tucker who was the son of the late Jennie Nicol, decided to sell the speedway and it was bought by Thomas Shinn, and became co-owned with Tom Mauser, Joe Sanzari and Fletcher Creamer. It was under this new ownership that the 2002 season was held. Also the track was then renamed Wall Township Speedway. However, after two months, Mauser was removed as the track operations manager and was replaced in 2004 by Fred Archer. By 2005, the crowd capacity and number of cars started to reduce, and after the 2007 season, a lot of workers were laid off and the track closed on 14th of March, 2008.

After eleven months of inactivity, the former track operations manager, Jim Morton, got a lease to operate the track for a single race: the Turkey Derby in November 2008. 

The track was reopened for a full season of racing in 2009 crowned by the Turkey Derby, and the name of the track was changed back to popular Wall Stadium. As of September 2, 2010, Morton’s lease on the track expired and the track closed once more. However under the short term lease of Don Ling and the Blewett family, the annual Turkey Derby was able to run as scheduled. 

In 2011, under new management, Cliff Krause signed a one year lease with the owners of the track, and after expiration, secured a three year lease after the 2011 Turkey lease. After three years, he signed one more agreement, and subsequently, annual lease renewals have been signed.

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Here’s the map for the Wall Stadium Speedway:

As you can see, the Wall Stadium Speedway is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!