Tip Tam Camping Resort

Tip Tam is the best camping resort in New Jersey and environs, as a member of the community, Proficient Plumbing & Heating can guide you. In the amazing Jackson Township, there is a thrilling camping resort called “Tip Tam camping resort” which is a good place for people of all ages and tastes. 

Facilities at the Tip Tam Camping Resort 

The resort has a lot of facilities for its guests to make use of and enjoy. These facilities include:

  • RC tracks
  • 2 playgrounds
  • basketball courts
  • mini-golf
  • horseshoe pit

It doesn’t end there, amenities include a softball field, bocce court, modern restrooms, two Rec buildings, and unbeatable Wi-Fi service.

Rentals at the camping resort include RV rentals, cabin rentals, other amenities include 30 Amp sites, it also has 50 Amp sites, sewer sites, slushies, snacks, and ice cream pedal carts, and hot clean showers.

The RV rentals include a one-bedroom or two bedrooms depending on the need of the campers. The cabins are comfortable and cozy like it’s home away from home, the fact that the cabin is in the woods gives campers a real feel of the outdoor.

The Tiki bar for interested guests is also available, with free cable TV for the television freaks, shuttle boards, and two supervised pools for swimmers.

Activities at the Tip Tam Camping Resort 

At the camping resort, everything is planned for guests, all they have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy. On special days the activities include night races, cook-offs, color runs, and trivia weekend, and plenty more. Other activities include games like water Olympics, kids can also play special games meant for their ages like pony rides.

The water bowling arena and race car contests are all part of the packages. Guests that are interested can also go karting.

Tent sites are provided for campers, it provides the campers with a chance to experience a real camping experience in a beautiful environment. The camping resort is a pet-friendly zone for some campers that wish to bring their pets along.

Barbeques are also special attractions at the camping resort. Campers can have barbeques in groups or separately. In groups, they get to meet other campers and subsequently make friends while enjoying their delicious meat.

This wonderful camping resort is placed at 301 Brewers Bridge Rd, Jackson Township, just a short drive from the popular Six Flags Great Adventure, Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area, Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic, Butterfly Camping Resort, and the Jersey shore.

Here’s the map for the Tip Tam Camping Resort:

As you can see, Tip Tam Camping Resort is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!