Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic

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The Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic is located at 2270 W County Line Rd, Jackson Township. It is a skating center meant for both adults and children alike.

About the owner of the skating center

Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic was opened in 1958 by the Durnye family and they still have ownership of the center. The Durnye family has another rink in the Waterbury skating center which is located in Waterbury, Connecticut. The current owner and CEO of the skating center is John Duryne.

The location since its debut opening has offered and provided families with fun days and memories. In 1971 a championship was held at the rink, it was a national competition. The rink has been an institution that has brought people from far and near, it has drawn both local and visiting skaters from neighboring towns.

Facilities at the skating center

The facilities at the Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic include:

  • a large open-span maple wood skating floor
  • a grooving sound system
  • a full-service skating shop
  • a full-service snack bar
  • arcade game areas

It also provides skating lessons both in class and in private, artistic competitions skating club, special effect lighting, and scheduled public skate times. Rentals are also available, the rentable items include traditional skate rentals, rollerblades, pay lockers, a climate-controlled environment, and a large off-floor viewing area.

The facility also provides a “Learn to Skate Program”. Learners start with basic skills in level one and move up the rank to level eight which is the final pro level. At level eight, skaters should have mastered all skills and stunts and should be professional skaters.

The Rollermagic Skate shop is one of the facilities provided for customers to ease their search for all skating accessories, repairs, and services. The center can also be rented and used for birthday parties which include:

  • pizza slices
  • hot dogs souvenir cups
  • roller skating admissions
  • a reserved party area

The skating center prohibits smoking, confetti, piñatas, and alcohol. Also, all foods from outside the skating center are not allowed.

Each calendar month has a different event planned for numerous customers. For example, holidays and events held in April this year included the “70’s roller’s disco” and the “hop into spring” events with a grand prize basket at the end.

This is a great entertainment center surrounded by many other spots:

Here’s the map for the Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic:

As you can see, the Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic is about 25 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!