Things to Do in Point Pleasant, NJ

As plumbers serving Point Pleasant, NJ, we thought we’d put together a few points of interest for the area. We hope you enjoy this resource for fun activities and things to do locally, and if you need a plumber in Point Pleasant NJ, give us a call!

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

Jenkinson’s Boardwalk is one of the best things to do in Point Pleasant as a family or with a group of friends. At Jenkinson’s Boardwalk you can choose your favourite ride to go on, or play some super fun and exciting games at the arcade. You can win some great prizes too, and if you like souvenir shops you can shop until your hearts content as they have numerous shops with collectibles.

To finish off your day you can grab some delicious food at one of the many places to choose from and then cool down with an ice-cream. 

People of all ages can enjoy their time on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, from cool rides, to tasty food, just an all-round great place to have fun with your family and friends.

Vintage Automobile Museum

The Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey is one of the best things to do in Point Pleasant, NJ with a great selection of vehicles to look at and free entry into the museum. In total, there are 7 vintage cars and a big model vehicle collection with placards about each of the cars. When you’re there you can even ask to get inside one of the cars if you would like to get a photo. 

The Museum changes the selection of the cars every few months so if you’re back again, be sure to drop in and see the most current selection. The Vintage Automobile Museum is also beside the Museum of Boating so you can see both of them in one day, especially on a rainy day these two would be the perfect place to spend some time at.

Point Pleasant Canal

The canal is located in Point Pleasant, NJ and it is a perfect place to visit or to spend time at while you’re in Point Pleasant. If one of your hobbies is fishing then head to Point Pleasant Canal, it’s a great spot for fishing. You can also go for a ride along the canal in your boat and take in the scenery and soak up the sun on a scorching day. Check out the Gambler the new Super cruiser and contact Captain Bob Bogan if you want to book a trip.

You can access Point Pleasant Canal at one of the two lift bridges, one at Route 88 and the other at Bridge Avenue.

South Beach Arcade

Do you want to do something fun and exciting? Well, head down to South Beach Arcade on Ocean Avenue day or night filled for some fun and laughter. South Beach Arcade is opened all year round with a great choice of arcade games to keep yourself or your kids entertained. 

You will win some great prizes at South Beach Arcade and enjoy half price games on weekdays from 2-4pm. It’s a great place to bring the kids and most of the games inside are all brand new. For those who love zombies, check out the 7D Dark Ride Experience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article about things to see in Point Pleasant! If you’re looking for more things to see in Point Pleasant, NJ, take a look at the next article in the series! A look at the history of Point Pleasant will give you some appreciation for the sites to see in the area!