Seed To Sprout

If you ever need to stop for a delicious meal made of whole foods and organic ingredients, then Seed to Sprout is just the right place in Avon-By-The-Sea where also Proficient Plumbing & Heating deliver top-notch services.

In the year 2012, Alex and Cara out of their passion for vegan and organic food opened Seed to Sprout to provide the best vegan meals you can find around town.

It first started with pop-up dinners and guided raw food cleanses, cooking and developing recipes in a small studio apartment until the business expanded to what is the Seed to sprout restaurant in Avon by the sea.

Seed to Sprout restaurant is located at 410 Main St, Avon-By-The-Sea, an area that has great options to eat everywhere such as Clementine’s, Maeberrie Market, Michael’s Pizzeria of Avon, and Cavé Bistro.


At Seed to Sprout you get to pick from a variety of really good food as the menu includes:

  • breakfast meals: granola yogurt bowl, Mexican and BLT omelets, etc
  • sandwiches: Classic beet burger, Bacon cheddar melt, grilled avocado sandwich
  • lunch meals: taco salad, seed salad, kale, kimchi rice bowl, buffalo chickpea salad
  • soups and sides: home fries, grilled toast, brown rice, tofu scramble, marinated greens.
  • juices: Green goodness, Pink lemonade, Liquid gold
  • shots: Wheatgrass and Hotshot
  • smoothies: Sweet green, Nuts and Bolts.

Seed to Sprout also provides and helps you plan a raw food cleanse for five days either on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis.  This cleanse is a break from processed food and other potential negative meal habits. The cleanse is aimed at eliminating toxins from your system to enable better absorption of nutrients and nourishing your body with organic fruits, nuts, and vegetables by cooperating these into your meals.

The raw food cleanses include five days of organic raw meals, a daily cleansing elixir, herbal tea, cleanse guide containing information, tips, and recipes as well as support throughout your five days of cleansing.

For each of the five days you will be provided with organic raw food such as Superfood smoothie for breakfast, Cleanse salad for lunch, Veggie enchiladas & side salad for dinner and raw lemon macron as a daily sweet treat alongside 12 Oz. cold-pressed juice. All these will be provided at $300.

Seed to Sprout offers the options of eating in, pickup and delivery so when you and your family or friends crave vegan and organic, you already know, Seed to Sprout is just the right place!

Here’s the map for Seed to Sprout:

As you can see, Seed to Sprout is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!