Maeberrie Market

As rightly said by many, breakfast is the most important meal of the day so never skip it but of course, lunch is very important as well and sometimes brunch might come in handy. But with all the hustling and bustling, the need to get to work early, and the busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to make lunch you will need a place that makes things a lot easier for you.

About Maeberrie Market

Right in Avon by the Sea, Monmouth County, New Jersey is the Maeberrie Market, it is an amazing restaurant that offers meal options for breakfast, brunch, and lunch and also has a small market for petty shopping as well as a café.

Located at 504 Main St. Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ, Maeberrie Market opens Wednesday – Sunday from 9 am – 3 pm and you can sit to have your delicious meals in the full-service dining room, outdoor to enjoy cool weather, or at the counter in the small cafe at Maeberrie Market. 

It is near a great variety of shops and restaurants: Seed to Sprout, Michael’s Pizzeria of Avon, Cavé Bistro, Clementine’s and Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s just to name what the options are.

At the Maeberrie Market small market you can shop for coffee and espresso, lemonades, lattes, pastries & sweets as long as fresh cut flowers, new homewares, and curated vintage selections and you have a hot cup of good coffee or tea and sandwiches in the café.


There is a list of mouth-watering meals for everyone on the menu this consists of;

  • Salads: Black bean & avocado salad, Mushroom salad, Green grain bowl, and Chopped cob.
  • Soup: Tomato soup with gruyere grilled cheese
  • Sandwiches and toasts: Croissant breakfast sandwich, Vegetable sandwich, Avocado & pesto toast, Fried eggplant, and Fried bacon.
  • Plates: Yogurt & granola, Matcha & Blueberry, Strawberry fluff cakes, Cornmeal waffle, Lentils & egg, Market frittata, and chicken & waffles.
  • Sides: Fruit, Grilled country bread, Fries, Scrambled eggs, and bacon.
  • Beverages:  Varieties of tea & lemonade, coffee, and sparkling.

Maeberrie events

At Meaberrie Market, you can book the beautifully designed versatile dining room which is solely to host different occasions such as private events, dinner parties, and showers after regular business hours.  Sometimes Maeberrie Market hosts dinners for both reservations and walk-ins.

Thinking of grabbing a quick lunch, or where to have a business meeting or even a date, maybe it’s that retirement dinner party; the Maeberrie Market is the right place to stop at or you can order for delivery by simply placing a call to 732 -809 -3279.

Delivering our plumbing services at the same place as Maeberrie Market make us feel really proud!

Here’s the map for Maeberrie Market:

As you can see, Maeberrie Market is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!