Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s

It’s one thing to eat food and it’s another thing to eat food and enjoy it. Food should be a serious affair and should be handled with so much care and professionalism.

You might not always have the time to prepare meals that meet your taste and standards, sometimes you might not even feel like doing so at all so of course, you will be grateful for the provision of a delicious, properly prepared meal right within your neighborhood and Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s never disappoints. 

About Bedrock Bistro

Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s is the right place to visit when you need to get good food and enjoy every bit of your meal. The restaurant is located on the same street as Michael’s Pizzeria, Maeberrie Market, Seed to Sprout, Clementine’s, and Bing’s Beach House Deli. The address is 300 Main Street.  Avon by – The – Sea, NJ 07717.

It always opens from 10:00 am till 9:00 pm, on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays when you can walk in order to grab a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It is also very family-friendly so you and your children can enjoy meals from there together. The staff at Bedrock Bistro by Clementine are friendly and professional. They are always ready to help out and offer advice on meal options. The atmosphere at the bistro is relaxed. You can be assured of a good time at the bistro.


For breakfast, there are several varieties to select from. From fruits to platter and pastry, Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s is the best place to have breakfast in town.

Other than breakfast, Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s also offer some lunch and diner selections such as:

  • Lunch you can have;
  1. Wraps; buffalo wrap, Sicilian chicken wrap 
  2. Burgers: California burger, Sicilian burger 
  3. Salads; Sandwiches; lobster salad, bacon, lettuce & tomatoes 
  • Dinner you can have;
  1. Soup; French onion, soup du jour 
  2. Salads; aloha salad, Asian chicken salad 
  3. Steak; steak Murphy, new York strip steak
  4. Side dishes; French  fries, macaroni cheese

Special dinners are also available.

You can enjoy more delicious and mouth-watering meal options that are available on the Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s menu aside from what is provided on the list above and they are all very affordable and pocket friendly.

So when next you need a sumptuous meal that has been prepared professionally or need to make a memorable date or grab a meal after a long and hectic day, then the right place to be is Bedrock by Clementine’s. If you would love to place an order, they are just a call away on…they also make deliveries to any location in New Jersey ( where we also provide our plumbing services too!)

Here’s the map for Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s:

As you can see, Bedrock Bistro by Clementine’s is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!