Sea Girt Library

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About the Library

The Sea Girt Library is located at the railroad station and Plaza Sea Girt, New Jersey. It is close to a lot of interesting spots such as the Sea Girt Lighthouse, the Sea Girt Beach, The Parker House, Joe Leone’s Gastronomia, Harrigan’s Pub, Fratello’s Italian Restaurant & Lounge, Sea Girt Public Schools, and many more!

The library was first opened to the community on the 13th day of May 1992. This free public service was made in a conscious effort by Sara Zock who donated generously to the cause. The library is located at the former train station and receives gifts regularly: books, periodicals, and DVDs. 

A reading area is carved out for patrons to read and enjoy the available kinds of literature and materials on site. A big and spacious children’s room fully stacked with books for young readers and teenagers. The library collection can boast of twelve thousand books, audiobooks, DVDs, and periodicals.

The staff at the sea Girt Library is made up of local volunteers and arranged by the librarian who is Lisa Luke. Lisa Luke has been in charge of the library since 2016, she has also been helped by the library assistants who are notably Jo-Ann Johnson and Peter Peterson. 

Library hours on Mondays are from 4 pm to 7 pm, on Tuesday and Wednesday the hours of operation are from 1 pm to 5 pm. The library is open on Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm in operation hours while Fridays and Saturdays the library opens at 10 am through the morning and right till 12:30 pm.


The Sea Girt Library is geared towards inculcating reading habits into the lifestyle of both young and adults, scholars and students alike, and if possible all the residents of the Sea Girt borough. The library door is open to patrons, it is also open to curbside check and delivery.

The Sea Girt library book recommendable includes new fiction, general women’s fiction, historical fiction, romance, and light series. At the library, there is always something for everyone to read no matter how young or old he or she is.

The series includes detective books, crime, drama, and others. Books by authors like J.K Rowlings, Louise Penny, Daniel Silva can all be found at the Sea Girt Library.  Other books that may tickle the fancy of readers are:

  • Fast Girls by Elise Hopper
  • The Exiles by Christiana Bake Kline
  • The Royal Governess by Wendy

All the above-mentioned books are available at the historical fiction part of the library.

The library organizes essay contests, trustees’ meetings, and other programs.

Here’s the map for the Sea Girt Library:

As you can see, the Sea Girt Library is about 25 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!