Lake Carasaljo

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In the middle of the beautiful town of Lakewood Township, New Jersey is a lake called Carasaljo. Lake Carasaljo is a man-made lake that was created in the mid-1700, the creation of the lake was to help provide power for a sawmill in the south branch of Metendock River.  The lake was nicknamed “Three partners Mill”.

Details about the Lake Carasaljo

Lake Carasaljo’s perimeter is 4.5 miles. It stretches over 176 acres of land. In the summer months, a lot of activities take place at and around the lake. These activities include swimming, bicycling, running, picnicking, and plenty others. The lake was renamed from Iron Berger works to Briscksburg. In 1865 the lake was given its current name and the name is still in use to date. Lake Carasaljo is a reservoir type of lake.

It is believed that Lake Carasaljo was named after the daughters of the owner of Bergen ironworks, who was Joseph Woolston Brick. The tale has it that his three daughters named; Caroline (Carrie), Sarah (Sally), and Josephine (Jo) drowned in the lake. Therefore the abbreviations of their names became the acronym CARASALJO for which the lake was named.  In 1886 Joseph Woolston’s wife, Manetta, decided to lend her name to its sister lake which was created that same year.

The famous institution of learning which is the Georgian Court University is on the Northern shore of the lake. The grounds there was once an estate belonging to a gentleman that went by the name of George Jay Gould.

The Carasaljo Lake is bounded on the north side by Lake Drive, and to the east is River Road which is also known as U.S Route 9. The lake is separated from Lake Manetta by Central Avenue.

The lake is also used for fishing, the popular species of fishes caught in the lake are Largemouth Bass, Black Crappie, and Chain Pickerel. Lake Carasaljo is also available for boating, skating, and ice boating, however, all of these are dependent on the weather.

Visitors and guests of the lake term walking around the lake to be “charming”. The lake is also located where a lot of pine trees are available, roads were provided for riding, driving, along with the beautiful scenery of the lake.

The lake is some minutes away from other interesting spots such as Ocean County Park, Eagle Ridge Golf Club, Lake Shenandoah County Park, and the list continues!

Here’s the map for Lake Carasaljo:

As you can see, Lake Carasaljo is about 20 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!