Judaica Plaza Lakewood

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Judaica Plaza Lakewood is located at 1700 Madison Avenue Lakewood NJ 08701. It is a plaza that supplies all Judaica needs ranging from book Tzitizis, gifts, children’s books, toys, and accessories.  The Judaica Plaza provides free shipping on all orders of items over $ 75 that are purchased on their website. 

Items that can be found at the Judaica Plaza

At the Judaica Plaza Lakewood, items under the English Seforim section include bibles, Bible commentaries, and weekly Pershah, Jewish law, Jewish thought, Mishnah, Talmud, prayer books, Rabam, Kaballah, Cassidy Pirkei Avos, Artscroll classic, and others. 

Books at the Judaica include kinds of literature which could be biographies and memoirs, nonfiction, humor, inspiration and short stories, novels, women’s interests, periodicals, and coffee table books. Children’s books and history and holocaust, foreign languages, reference and educational, cookbooks, Shabbos, Hebrew books, Yiddish books, and others.

Judaica gift items have items under candle lighting these are; matchbox holders, Hadlaks Negros, candlesticks and candelabras, candlestick trays, candle lighters, and the rest. Plagues, Shabbos, kitchen items, items for the homes, and a lot more can be gotten at the plaza. Wedding gifts and Jewelry can be gotten at the plaza.

The children’s section is well stocked with toys and games, popular toys and Afrikomen presents, crafts and activities, card games, coloring activity books, and crafts. Puzzle and memory games, puppets, stickers, electronic toys, Mitzvah collections, Rina and Dina collections, Shpielman collections.  Children’s books are also available, these books range from illustrated books, comic books, and gift sets, holiday books, teen books, and non-fiction books.

The music and entertainment section has new music and DVDs you can browse and purchase this music and DVDs of your choice and liking. Music found here includes all genres from Acapella, Cantorial, choirs, Chassidic, instrumentals, solo artists, Yiddish, Shabbos, concerts, and holiday music. DVDs include historical movies, Jewish movies, inspirational movies, drama, and holiday movies.

The Juidaca Plaza is all about Judaism and Jewish artifacts and items. This plaza has on display almost all Jewish items. Tallis and Teffilin bags can be purchased at the Plaza too. These bags come in different sizes, qualities, and materials.  The bags that are available range from velvet bags, leather bags, suede bags, Tik Taf, bag sets, leather-like bags pieces of cotton bags, and others.

You can find the Judaica Plaza Lakewood next to many other excellent spots such as the Lakewood Historical Museum, the Lakewood Library, Beth Medrash Govoha, and more!

Here’s the map for the Judaica Plaza Lakewood:

As you can see, the Judaica Plaza Lakewood is about 15 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!