Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours

One of the top tourist attractions in Belmar is the Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours. As a plumbing service in Belmar, we can share with you the special features of this popular spot, not far from Belmar Beach.

The tour features a 3-hour whale-watching boat ride along the coastline of Monmouth County. The boat sails from the Belmar Marina and goes along the coast towards Sandy Hook, with New York City in the background. Ongoing for 3 years now, the tour gives you the highest possible chance of seeing whales due to the boat’s quick vessel speed and convenient departure location.

The Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours is the number one whale watching tour in New Jersey. They ensure comfort and safety on the water and give you an enjoyable educational whale-watching trip.

There is a highly educated, and experienced marine biologist always on board to explain everything that you are seeing. The captains and crew are experienced in the nautical world, and the vast majority of them have also been around boats all their lives.

Things to See

Type of whales you’ll see off the Jersey shore coast include:

  • Humpback Whale
  • Northern Right Whale
  • Fin Whale (Finback)
  • Common Minke Whale

You will also get to see sharks, rays and dolphins.

First and foremost, at the Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours, the captains and marine biologists are well-versed in the whale’s migratory patterns, breeding and feeding habits, and communication methods. Since their encounters with whales are so frequent, they have a deep appreciation for and knowledge of proper behavior around the mammals. Everyone is in radio contact, which means that when a whale is spotted, the information is exchanged and no one is left out.

The tour takes visitors just a few miles offshore to see the massive whales that live just off the coast of New Jersey. You will almost certainly see a whale, and if you do not, your return trip is free.

Places of interest nearby

Places of interest near the Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tour include Belmar Beach, Silver Lake, Belmar Manutti Marina, Lake Como, Spring Lake, and Maclearie Park. You can shop at Nostalgic Nonsense Vintage, The Center Square Thrift Shop, and The Beach Nut.

You can also eat at La Dolce Vita, ShoreBreak Grill, and Boathouse Bar and Grill.

At Belmar, New Jersey whale watching off the coast of Monmouth County will be the highlight of your vacation!

For more information about this tourist attraction, visit the website for Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours.

Another popular place to visit in Belmar is Maclearie Park.

Here’s the map for Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours:

As you can see, Jersey Shore Whale Watching Tours is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!