Jane Magovern’s Playground

Jane Magovern’s playground is one of Belmar’s most popular playgrounds. As a Monmouth County plumbing company, we can tell you about the unique features this popular destination has to offer.

Jane Magovern’s Playground also known as “The Butterfly Playground”, is a waterfront playground named in honor of Belmar Mayor Brian Magovern’s late wife, one of the community’s most respected and cherished teachers. Jane Magovern was a beloved teacher who influenced the lives of many people in this small community throughout her 40-year career. She died in April 2015, at the age of 63, after a long and courageous struggle with cancer.

A large archway bearing her name and covered in larger-than-life butterflies now greets everyone entering the playground as a tribute to her life and the passion she had for life. Ironically, the playground is only a few blocks from St. Rose Grammar School, where she taught for many years, and Taylor Pavilion, where she directed the summer arts and crafts program for a long period.

Located at Ferruggiaro Park Corner of C Street and 8th Avenue, Belmar, the playground is situated right next to Silver Lake. It is also close to Maclearie Park. A butterfly arch, swings, and plenty of places for your kids to climb welcome you at this lakeside playground in New Jersey.

Features of Jane Magovern’s Playground

Some of the features of the playground include:

  • A 3 seat tall merry-go-round swing
  • Unique slides
  • Foam flooring to avoid knee skinning
  • Hanging carousel
  • Swings specifically designed for babies and infants
  • Jungle gym
  • And many more…

The playground is a safe, clean, and well-maintained place that has great playground equipment and plenty of seating spaces for parents and guardians. 

There’s also a perfect grassland walkway with nature’s finest trees and grasses and the perfect atmosphere for strolling with family and friends. The playground is enhanced by the cool breeze from Silver Lake which is adjacent to Jane Magovern’s Playground which is also a good spot to go fishing for largemouth bass and bluegill.

Food Nearby

Breakfast and lunch spots you can find nearby include Brandl, Jersey Shore BBQ, Klein’s Fish Market, Federico’s Pizza and Restaurant, Jake’s Downtown, Comfi of Belmar, Sonny’s Grille, and Mr. Shrimp. The playground is also a few blocks from Belmar Beach, Maclearie Park, Belmar Manutti Marina, Shark River, Belmar Fishing Club, and Seaport Inlet Marina.

Visit the website for Jane Magovern’s Playground in Belmar, New Jersey for more information.

Here’s the map for Jane Magovern’s Playground:

As you can see, Jane Magovern’s Playground is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!