Belmar Fishing Club

As residents of the Monmouth County area (we provide plumbing services in Belmar, New Jersey), we know how much people in the area enjoy getting out and having fun in the famous Belmar Fishing Club.

History of the Belmar Fishing Club

  • The Belmar Fishing Club was first organized with forty-nine members on September 1st, 1909. Arrangements were then made with the Ocean Pier Co. to construct a club room.
  • In 1929, the fishing club erected a bigger and better clubhouse to accommodate its growing membership.
  • In 1930, the fishing club we now occupy was officially dedicated and declared open.

Belmar Fishing Club is located on 100 Ocean Avenue & First Street, Belmar, a few blocks from Silver Lake, Jane Magovern’s Playground, and Belmar Beach. The Belmar Fishing Club structure is typical of the recreational clubhouses and/or public facilities constructed in the early twentieth century in New Jersey’s coastal resort communities. The presence of such clubhouses also reflects nearly two centuries of recreational and sporting activity along the coast. From 1929 to 1930, the Belmar community embraced its Spanish Mission style as appropriate seaside architecture. 

Belmar Fishing Club is situated in a nice and secluded location that is out of the public eye but still right on the beach. The club has an open fireplace near the front door, that gives the place an old-world vibe. The staff of the club is also very nice and welcoming.


Belmar Fishing Club is located on the Belmar Beach Boardwalk alongside many interesting attractions, shops, and eateries.

Some of the activities featured in the Belmar Fishing Club include:

  • Music nights and Karaoke 
  • Bingo Thursday
  • Fishing contests
  • Buffets at the bar and restaurant
  • Streaming Soccer games and so on…

Belmar Fishing Club’s main aims and objectives are to promote the sport of fishing by rod and reel, to assist in preventing violation of laws relative to Fishing, to support legislation to protect game fish and their feeding & spawning grounds. The fishing club also strives to provide saltwater fishing accessible to all members.

Members of the fishing club include folks from Belmar, Spring Lake, Bradley Beach, Avon by the sea, Neptune, and other surrounding towns and boroughs. The membership of the Belmar Fishing Club is composed of men and women who enjoy fishing, camaraderie, and the great beaches of Belmar and the Atlantic Ocean. Take in mind that for all of your boating needs you can trust Seaport Inlet Marina which is near the club.

The Belmar Fishing Club is truly a fisherman’s paradise and a shrine for sportsmen.

Visit the Belmar Fishing Club‘s website for more information.

Here’s the map for Belmar Fishing Club:

As you can see, Belmar Fishing Club is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!