Six Flags Wild Safari Park

Are you in Jackson, New Jersey? Do you love animals and nature? Or you just need a place to hang out, well here is a good choice for you.

The Wild Safari Park is a section of the Six Flags Adventure Park. It has up to 1200 animals from all over six continents, these animals include tigers, lions, giraffes, elephants, rheas, rhinos, elephants, and plenty others. The park explorers are taken through an exciting and thrilling adventure called the “wild safari Drive-Thru”.

The park is a 350-acre preserve of the most beautiful creatures, guests can go on a self-guided tour through the 11 simulated habitats to see the animals. Predators are kept behind fences but are visible through car windows. All other park animals roam about the park.

History and details about the park

The Wild Safari Park has been operating as a self-drive experience since 1974 up to 2012. Over the years the park has left over 10 million visitors with beautiful and fun memories. Since the year 2013, the safari has been offering guided truck tours, as part of the theme park experience.  

The park immediately became an attraction site, guests rode in open trucks alongside their tour guides. This way the visitors can have an up-close view of the animals. Animals like the baboons are kept in cages for the safety of the visitors. 

The conservative area has birds, turtles, foxes, and eagles.  Guests should expect to see animals like the Bison, Rhea, Fallow Deer, Roosevelt Elk, Llama which are all found on the American continent. African elephants, white rhino, zebras, ostriches, marabou stork are tagged the Afrikaans. Bengal tigers, blackbucks, Common Eland, Dama Gazelles, Biesa Oryx, African lions, peacocks, American black bears, and European brown bears can all be sighted at the park.

In recent times the Six Flags Great Adventure launched a virtual animal education program called the “Cyber Safari”. The Safari offers an onsite educational program called the science on safari. It takes the participant from end to end of the safari park.

The cyber safari and science on safari are two out of the six packages of the Six Flags educational series. Six Flags is also a proud partner with the Wildlife Conservation Network which supports the conservation efforts of animals all over the globe.

Guests can also learn more about the wild safari’s animals and their respective habitats on the park’s website at

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Here’s the map for the Six Flags Wild Safari Park:

As you can see, the Six Flags Wild Safari Park is about 40 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!