Six Flags Great Adventure

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Jackson, New Jersey is the Six Flags Great Adventure Park. As a member of this community, Proficient Plumbing & Heating team is happy to let you in some of its unique features.

Located at 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson NJ 08527 between New York City and Philadelphia. A 90 minutes’ Drive will bring you to the amazing Six Flags Great Adventure park in central New Jersey.

The park is among the largest in the world, it entertains up to three million visitors per year. Part of the features of the park is thrilling rides, animal safaris, customized characters, and a lot of others. 

About the Park

The park is massive and full of fun spots and activities that visitors might probably need the whole day to cover. The tallest and fastest coaster in North America called the Kingda-Ka is one of the most visited spots in the park, the experience will leave your heart thumping and full of joy.

Other roller coasters are The Nitro, The Joker, El Toro wooden coasters. Apart from the rides, teenagers can go on karaoke battles and little kids of about 3 years old and more can meet characters like the new 100 Looney tunes and also enjoy the Bugs’ Bunny carousel. Air Jumbo, Buccaneer, and the gentle Bugaboo mobiles are rides everyone can enjoy too. 

A newly debuted pendulum called the “Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth” is the tallest pendulum and a magnetic attraction for the visitors. The Six Flags Adventure is split into different sections:

  • the Main Street is what the park explorers will encounter first; the street has a lot of souvenir shops lined up, gifts for family, friends, and loved ones can be gotten here.
  • Fantasy Forest is found on the other side of Main Street, it houses a lot of rides for the very little ones. Family rides such as big wheel and sky screamer are features of the retro-themed adventure alley. The big wheel is one of the oldest wheels in the park, the sky screamer which is a 242-foot tall towering swinger, it spins up to 40 miles per hour.
  • The Six Flags Wild Safari Park is a 350- acre preserve that is home to more than 1200 animals from over six continents. Another highlight of the park is the dip in the blue lagoon pool, Mexican food is available at the Macho Nacho.

Here’s the map for the Six Flags Great Adventure park:

As you can see, the Six Flags Great Adventure park is about 40 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!