Shipwreck Grill

As members and providers of plumbing services of this community let us set you in the right direction to the best assorted of meat and drinks in Brielle. 

The Shipwreck Grill is a nice vacation spot so you can just eat out, have fun with friends or wine after a nice day at work. It is situated near the ducks on the Manasquan River. The location is beautiful and it has a breathtaking view.

Imagine eating delicious meals while feeding your eyes with amazing sites. It is among the best point of interest in Brielle, New Jersey. Are you a visitor? You cannot leave without checking Shipwreck Grill out.


The staff of the Shipwreck Grill are eager to please and always willing to help out, even with directions. They should be role models to lots of other service centers. The menu is breathtaking, and they always have something wonderful up their sleeves. The restaurant offers mouthwatering cuisines. Their meals are to die for. The Shipwreck Grill offers delicacies at low prices.

At Shipwreck Grill, you can decide to eat in or out. The view, especially the night view, is sure to sweep you off your feet. The restaurant is casual, yet, it is extremely elegant. It is the place to go to for meats and everything grills. The staff is dedicated to their jobs, so, they put customers first.

The meat is fresh. The meats are healthy and free of disease. They have healthy quality meals. They go for outdoor and indoor dining. You just have to place an order. They are always at your beck and call. The chefs are dedicated to their jobs. The environment is clean, with fresh air. There is a breathtaking view. The kitchen is clean, and the chefs are dedicated.  

Operating Hours

  • Monday- Friday from 5:00-9:00 PM.
  • They are closed on Wednesdays.
  • Saturday & Sunday from 4:00-9:00 PM.

Never mind the limited hours, customer satisfaction is a major priority. Shipwreck Grill caters to all services and ensures no order is left pending. 

The Grill is always cooking. Always ready to cook something spectacular. There are always new and spicy flavors. The ingredients are either fresh from the farm or straight from the vendors. There are neither chemicals nor additives present in the meals served.

Whether you are going casual, or formal, you can never go wrong with Shipwreck Grill. Customer satisfaction is a priority. Outdoor or indoor grilling services? Shipwreck Grill has got you covered. It is located at 720 Ashley Avenue, Brielle, just a few minutes away from other wonderful restaurants such as The Pig and Parrot Sandbar, Sugar Bake Shop and Gourmet Foods, Waterman’s Tavern, and more!

You cannot leave Brielle, New Jersey without visiting there!

Here’s the map for Shipwreck Grill:

As you can see, Shipwreck Grill is about 15 minutes from our head office in Brick, NJ!