Sea Girt Lighthouse

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Sea Girt Lighthouse is located at Ocean Avenue and Beacon Boulevard. The lighthouse tower height is 44 feet, while its focal feet are a staggering 60 ft. It is one of the twenty remaining lighthouses that are functional in the state of New Jersey and a focal point for many tourists.

All about the lighthouse

The first ray of light at the facility shone on December 10, 1896. The lighthouse can be seen from 15 miles at sea which has helped a good number of mariners in their various journeys. The lighthouse was purposely built to shine on a blind spot of about 38  miles that is between the Nave sink lighthouse (Twin Lights) which is to the North and the Barnegat lighthouse to the far south. The Sea Girt Lighthouse is also a landmark for the Sea Girt Inlet and Wreck Pond.

History of the Lighthouse

The first keeper of the lighthouse was Abraham Wolf. The keeper was in charge of the Absecon lighthouse for over twenty-three years and retired at the Sea Girt Lighthouse in 1902. In the year 1899, the grounds of the station were covered and seeded with grass.  A flagstaff was erected and a telephone installed. In the following year, an effort to reduce excessive sand that drifted on the station lawn had a 240-foot long sand fence constructed around the lighthouse.

In the month of May 1921, the lighthouse at Sea Girt became the first shore-based station that was out-fitted with towers meant for transmitting a radio signal. The advantage of the radio signals was to help a navigator to take bearing in a situation where he is having a visibility problem. The lighthouse became a pointer used to steer the vessels to safety. 

In 1931 George Thomas was appointed as the keeper of the lighthouse. He previously served as a light housekeeper at Fire Island and Shinnecock lighthouse which was all located in New York. Upon the entry of the United States into World War II, the lens of the lighthouse was removed and the light extinguished for safety.

The lighthouse was sold to the Sea Girt Borough for eleven thousand dollars on the 10th of August, 1956.  The Sea Girt Lighthouse has since then continued to serve as a historic site where school children go on a field trip for educational purposes.

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