Nightmare at Gravity Hill

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Nightmare at Gravity Hills is located at Cicconi farm, 1005 Farmingdale Rd, Jackson Township. It is surrounded by a lot of fantastic points of interest:

  • Six Flags Great Adventure
  • Westlake Golf & Country Club
  • Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area
  • Tip Tam Camping Resort
  • Indian Rock RV Park & Campground
  • and more

This haunted house is a magnetic force attracting hundreds of visitors from all over the country to the spot. The Nightmare at Gravity Hill is a single haunted attraction walkthrough, it has fourteen different scenes and scary themes that are connected by walkways.

The ghost town is a splendid phenomenon. It is scary and pumps the adrenaline in your blood while sending cold shivers down your spine. When walking through most visitors feel as if they are in a real-life haunt or acting in a horror movie.

The features of the cursed Gravity Hill include a frightening cast of terrifying ghosts and zombies, creepy clowns, and numerous other denizens. The scenes will of course leave you cold and frightened as you walk through the 5 acres of a nightmare with a span of over thirty-five minutes.

Visitors walk through thirty-five minutes of haunted trails, creepy themes, and adventure. Persons under the age of fourteen are only permitted with the tag along with a parent or a guardian. Nightmare at Gravity Hill is not recommended for patients with heart problems, kids, and pregnant women.

Tales of the Gravity Hill in Jackson

There is a tale about this hill that scares people and at the same time attracts them to it. The story has it that; there is a road to the hill where if you stop your car and leave it at the neutral mode, a mysterious force will push it uphill.

Another version of the story is that; a young girl was brutally murdered in the 19th century in a house near the hill, it is the opinion and belief of some people that it is the ghost of the girl’s father that pushes the cars uphill in a bid to take them away from the danger zone.

A lot of YouTube videos try to prove or disprove the theory of this supernatural existence. This and many more are the honeycombs drawing visitors to the haunted site, each one of them hoping to see or have an encounter with the mystic force.

T-shirts and refreshments are also available at the creepy Gravity Hills for visitors.

Here’s the map for the Nightmare at Gravity Hill:

As you can see, the Nightmare at Gravity Hill is about 30 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!