Manasquan River Yacht Club

The Manasquan River Yacht Club is a beautiful place to be with its rich history. There are several important services rendered by the club. It has been in existence since 1899, but just the last decade will be talked about. Want to know more, you can always pay a visit to know more about its history.

As we provide our plumbing services to this community, we are glad to share the amazing features of the Manasquan River Yacht Club.

History of the Manasquan River Yacht Club

The celebration of the Manasquan River Yacht Club was done in 1999. For the celebration to be proper, the club members committee made an inquiry into the club’s history. This research was executed via newspaper archives and club records by finding out from the members that have been in the club for a longer period of time. Both primary and secondary data were used.

Nancy Stark McFadden, a club member, authored the book the entire information was compiled into. The book can be downloaded from the club’s website.

Manasquan River Yacht Club 2000 – 2009 Experience

Within the last decade (2000 to 2009), there have been several physical improvements to the club. Members now enjoy a lot of these updates and enhancements. The harbor got dredged and there was a rebuilding of the docks. The driveway that was dusty got replaced with pavers. A tennis shed was included. There was also remodeling of the tennis deck.

For the first time, a heater was acquired for the pool. So it enabled the club to be opened earlier than its season. In the upper deck of the club, the tin chandeliers got replaced with brass chandeliers. By the west wall peak, a flat-screen television got installed. For effective communication to be enabled between the members, a roster comprising of the member’s addresses got compiled.

Manasquan River Yacht Club 2010 to 2011 Experience

In 2010 there were more technological enhancements. For instance, the junior sailing and club events began their online sign-ups. More options for accepting payments got available. For instance, credit cards got accepted for the payment of certain charges.

In 2011, the old wooden pole was replaced by a new metal-master flagpole. The new flagpole was moved closer to the Manasquan River Yacht Club. Between 2011 and 2012, there were significant changes. In 2011 the club reacquired a property that was adjacent to the eastern part of the club. The property got destroyed so the land could be used in building the current Junior Sailing Centre.

MRYC is your go-to for river yachting activities. Visit them at 405 Riverview Lane, Brielle, just 10 minutes away from the Manasquan River Golf Club, another great spot for entertainment.

Here’s the map for the Manasquan River Yacht Club:

As you can see, the Manasquan River Yacht Club is about 15 minutes from our head office in Brick, NJ!