Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area

Another exciting place to visit in Jackson, New Jersey is the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. The Colliers Mills Wild Life Management Area is about 12.906 acres located in Jackson, New Jersey.

It is an animal conservative area located at 550 S Hope Chapel Rd, Jackson. Next to other wonderful recreational spots such as Six Flags Great Adventure, Westlake Golf & Country Club, Jackson Skating Center Rollermagic, Pine Barrens Golf Club, and more!

About Colliers Mills Management Area

The Wildlife Management Area provides habitats in their natural form, habitats such as pitch pine, scrub oak, forest swamps, and lakes. Because of its habitat, the National Audubon Society has named the wildlife management area as an IBA which stands for “important bird area”. The species of birds found in the Colliers Mill range up to a hundred and forty nests. Colliers Mills Management Area also offers horseback riding and hiking.

In the autumn period, hunters use the wildlife management area. While in September the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife organizes an event that is known as the “New Jersey wild outdoor expo”. The Bureau of Wildlife Management says the Colliers Management Area is one of the most hunted regions in the locality. 

The wildlife management is open to arrow hunting and trapping but at designated times of the year. Game animals are stocked in the woods, animals like the ring-necked pheasants, largemouth bass, bobwhite, and plenty others. The preserve is home to red and gray foxes, raccoons, and muskrats. Other rare species found here are the bluebird proliferates. Colliers Mills Wildlife Management also provide man-made nests for such species and places them far off the ground to keep them safe from raccoons, snakes, and other predators that might harm the already endangered species.

The wildlife management area is also known for fishing activities, hikers can go on spectacular hiking tours around the area, while others visitors can go jogging or running. Mountain bikers are not left behind in the fun fiesta. Visitors can also take walks around the area, and for those who love paddling; kayaks, canoes, and rowboats are available for a fun experience.

Evenings and early mornings are the best time for viewing some of the larger animals like the deer. Birds like the catbird, Rufous, Sided Towhee, and Black-capped Chickadee are all found here in the management area and can be seen throughout the day.

For nature lovers and families looking to have fun, this is a recommended spot to visit in the same area where Proficient Plumbing & Heating provides its services!

Here’s the map for the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area:

As you can see, the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area is about 30 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!