Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory

As a professional plumbing service provider in this community, we are glad to share with our customers this graffiti wonderland for a visit.

Brooksbrae is a graffiti & art-covered brick factory hidden deep within the New Jersey Pine Barrens not far from proper cell service & civilization. This unforgettable landmark is a go-to for both hikers & explorers alike as there are so many tales of murder, arson, death & decay associated with Brooksbrae to fuel your interest. Some of which are well recorded, some are old wives’ tales, all covered in graffiti, the outdoor display closely resembles an art attraction.

But first, here is the history you should know, specifically, the ruins of the once functioning Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory, before & after its fall.

Brooksbrae’s History

The Brooksbrae Brick Company could produce thousands of bricks a day. Unfortunately, William J. Kelly the owner of the factory died in 1908. Due to complications within his will, all of Kelly’s assets were frozen, halting all operations of the facilities’. This led the railroad workers in Brooksbrae to go on strike In 1915.

Caretakers were assigned to watch over the property, to avoid damages. But one winter night, a massive fire burnt down the factory. The factory was later sold out, due to the death occurrence there and was left incomplete. This area is now a popular graffiti wonderland. 

Know Before You Go Strategy 

Getting to this beautiful graffiti wonderland can be difficult and the cell service in that region is very spotty. Cross over the railroad tracks and the best entrance is by the road where some crude drawings have been spray-painted on the asphalt.

It’s an easy and short walk to the brick factory. Be very cautious because people ride ATVs & dirt bikes in the area around the abandoned factory. It is best to visit during the day. You will love the scenic view here if you are the type that likes lively and colorful sighting adventure.

The Historic Landmark Today

Getting to this historic brick factory is a trick on its own as there are no signages assisting tourists to the ruins. Nonetheless, it’s still part of the adventure. 

Instead of being led to a road that has asphalt-covered fully with graffiti, you will find yourself near residential homes. It is in the same area as:

After parking, it’s a walk to get to the factory, the graffiti on the trees, road, and grass will alert you that you’re almost there. A towering archway will welcome you into the ruins, bold graffiti decorate the four walls passageways. It is advised to wear protective shoes as the ground is littered with glass and trash. 

Here’s the map for the Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory:

As you can see, the Brooksbrae Terracotta Brick Factory is about 38 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!