Manasquan Reservoir

Howell located in Jersey is a community that offers its residents several recreational activities. One among them is the Manasquan Reservoir. Proficient Plumbing & Heating, we are your best local plumbing service providers. We are always glad to share with our clients and friends, places of interest in our community. 

The Manasquan Reservoir is one of the major sources of water in Monmouth County. The reservoir has lots of trails, a visitor’s center, an environmental center, many dikes for fishing, & a boat launching area. The reservoir itself, which draws its source from the Manasquan River, is maintained by the New Jersey Water Supply Authority. 

The environmental trails that circle the reservoir are part of the features which make the park the most famous hiking destination in Central New Jersey because the park receives more than one million visitors yearly. The reservoir is reachable by car & it offers five parking lots. 

Visitors Center

The Visitors Center is the area for all boating activities at the reservoir. It features a fireplace, a boat rental area, restroom facilities, a park, & a bait shop. The reservoir also has an auditorium. an observation balcony, with pay-for-view binoculars & 3 parking lots.

The middle parking lot is nearest to the center itself. The lot on the west provides easy access to the 5.1-mile perimeter trail, picnic area facing the lake, & children’s playground. While the third lot on the eastern part is designed for vehicles with watercraft trailers to use the craft launching ramp at the end of the lot.


The reservoir has 5 trails, three short trails: 

  • The Wetlands Spur 
  • The Environmental Center’s Bracken Trail,
  • The Bear Swamp Connector Trail,
  • The two longest being the Perimeter Trail, and
  • Cove Trail

The 5.1mile multi-use Perimeter Trail which surrounds the reservoir is endorsed with blue-colored metal posts & is marked with brown-colored wooden mileposts. The mileposts begin in the vicinity of the visitor’s parking area & run in a clockwise direction to the southern section of the park. Binoculars are recommended to explore the wildlife in the area.

Boat Cruise 

This is a 45minute tour organized by the Park System Naturalists of Howell to enable tourists to explore the Manasquan Reservoir. This tour offers opportunities to view local wildlife including herons, turtles, egrets, ospreys & possibly a bald eagle. Tickets for the boat cruise can be obtained at the Visitor Center on the day of the tour. All tours begin from the Visitor Center.

Manasquan Reservoir is one of the highbrows of this community. It is surrounded by many other recreational spots such as Hunter Brook Horse Farm Inc, Bear Swamp Natural Area, Howell Park Golf Course, ClimbZone, Howell Township Library, and more.

Here’s the map for the Manasquan Reservoir:

As you can see, the Manasquan Reservoir is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!