Lionheart Cattery

Lionheart Cattery is located at 460 Harding Ave, Bayville, NJ 08721, United States. It is just some minutes away from the Ocean County Airport, Veterans Park, Double Trouble State Park, and Cedar Creek Golf Course, a pretty well-designed golf course.

This is a special cattery that breeds mostly main coons and Scottish folds. The cats at Lionheart Cattery are trained to adapt to many different environments and can get along well with friendly dogs, other cats, and children. The Maine coons are of Austrian and Bulgarian descent and the Scottish folds are Scottish breeds.

The kittens are registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) and you can pick any of these kittens for sale at Lionheart Cattery either as a family pet, companion of a senior, or a present to a cat lover. The Kittens are also exceptionally good for cat shows with their adorable personality and healthy look.

The breeders at Lionheart are very experienced so you don’t even need to be worried about diseases as the kittens at the cattery have all been tested HCM, PK, SMA, ADPKD, they are properly vaccinated, micro-chipped and you get a health certificate as you buy.

The breeds you can get at Lionheart Cattery

  • Main coons are affectionate large cats who are active, curious, and love to play and hang out with their humans. The cats are very loyal to their owners kind of like dogs. They can grow up to 40 inches in length with a long coat that requires regular grooming but the main reason people love Maine coons is that they are loving sociable family pets. They are good with children, families, seniors, dogs, other cats and are quite easy to train.

The main coon kittens at lionheart cattery are pure breeds and are beautiful and lovely. They will get attached to you quickly but will not become a nuisance as they also have an independent personality. So, pick up a Maine Coon kitten at Lionheart cattery in colors like; White, Black, Ebony, Gray, Cream, Chocolate, and Sable

  • Scottish Folds are smaller kittens compared to Maine Coons and are also very affectionate. They’re comfortable in the company of humans too. In fact, they enjoy being with people more. They are Scottish breeds with folded ears (that is how they got the name), round faces, and big round eyes which gives them a cute teddy bear or owl-like appearance. Scottish Folds are charming, sweet, get attached quickly, and will not leave your side. You can get these adorable pets at Lionheart cattery in optimal condition, well-taken care of, and healthy. 
  • Cheshire cats are a rare old traditional bloodline of cats and Lionheart Cattery is specialized in breeding them. If you are looking for one of these rare beautiful Cheshire Cats as a pet, look no further than Lionheart Cattery.

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Here’s the map for the Lionheart Cattery:

As you can see, the Lionheart Cattery is about 25 minutes from our head office in Brick, New Jersey!