La Mondina

Looking for great food and good customer service? As part of this community, we enjoy being your provider of plumbing services and also being your guide, for that reason, we know a spot meant for you. 

At La Mondina’s restaurant, they ensure that exceptional food and services are provided to our customers. The services are dedicated to ensuring that the best staff are recruited, trained, and hired. For every dinner service, the restaurant adds a personal touch. The restaurant’s staff enjoy getting to know their guests better.

About La Mondina

La Mondina is also referred to as the Weeders. They were a workforce that focused on agriculture and comprised mostly women. They were situated in Northern Italy. In the 1940s, these women farmed in the rice field so the great rice economy of the Italians could be maintaining. They ensured that the rice fields were weeded.

They were also successful in the fight so women could be culturally recognized in an era where there was no such thing as equal opportunities. These gallant women were always composed despite the situations and challenges they faced on a daily basis. The restaurant is a tribute to those great women.


The restaurant’s staff provide indoor dining. They are always excited to serve their guests. Since they have a limited capacity, they strive to ensure that their guests follow the guidelines for dining. Because of the pandemic, the restaurant ensures that guests put on their face coverings and masks even when they are not seated at a table. Only persons with face masks and all the necessary coverings will be allowed to make use of the restaurant’s facilities.

When it comes to party sizes, there is a maximum of right guests. Several tables cannot be booked for a group at the same time. Every party is allowed an hour and thirty minutes to dine in the restaurant. When reservations are made, the restaurant pleads with their guests to understand and wait for their turns because every guest is important.

Guests are not allowed the liberty of choosing the table they would like to sit on because reservations are usually made before time. Since reservations are made before time, there is usually careful planning of seating arrangements. Takeouts are allowed. 

The restaurant focuses on serving rustic Italian dishes by using ingredients that are fresh and have quality. There are appetizers, main plates, brick-oven pizzas, etc. The restaurant’s handcrafted cocktails are provided by using premium spirits and wines that are affordable. There is also a draught beer.

La Mondina is located at 110 Union Ave, Brielle. There are lots of points of interest in the same area, just to name some:

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  • McCarthy’s Marine Sales
  • Brielle Public Library
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Here’s the map for La Mondina:

As you can see, La Mondina is about 15 minutes away from our head office in Brick, NJ!