Avon Pavilion

You already know that If you need to get your boat fixed or serviced you can count on Deepwater Landing Marina which also has its own restaurant and bar but there is nothing that beats eating good food while looking at the beautiful ocean view. That is exactly what you will find at the Avon Pavilion. Good food and a breathtaking view.

The Avon Pavilion is located at 600 ocean avenue Avon by the sea. The restaurant serves lunch, dinner, and breakfast. They do not accept reservations (as other restaurants do, for example, Michael’s Pizzeria of Avon) so you will need to go on time to avoid the lunch rush.

About Avon Pavilion

Avon pavilion serves outdoor style dining so the atmosphere is casual. This however does not make the restaurant any less classy.  Avon pavilion is not recommended for formal dining but it is a great place to dine when you are aiming for a relaxed environment. Avon Pavilion also has a liquor bar where you can get liquor to buy as well as cocktails. 

The restaurant is complimented for its good food and excellent service. The 3 things that make a great restaurant are:

  • the food it serves
  • the attitude and organizations of its servers
  • the atmosphere

Avon pavilion is not lacking in any of these. Most people say they have not had top-notch waiting service like that at the Avon Pavilion. People come back over and over just so they can get the fine treatment. The waiters are friendly, efficient, and helpful.

The Avon pavilion has a huge menu that hasn’t changed much over the years but remains a favorite among the locals. Different people have different favorites. Some say the key lime pie is the star dish while others say it is the acai bowl.

The waiters are ready to help you choose from the menu. Just be reassured that whatever you pick from the menu is sure to be good. The food price is reasonable and you get value for your money. The restaurant has a no pet policy so it would be great if you find someone sitting your pet at home while you visit the Avon pavilion.

Food for kids is served at the Avon pavilion and the restaurant is wheelchair accessible. This makes it a great place to come with all members of your family. After having your fill at the restaurant, you can take a walk on the boardwalk, before going home for the day.

The chef at the Avon Pavilion, Ken Samuel, is experienced at preparing good food from locally sourced produce. The restaurant is open most days from 7:30 am- 110:00 pm.

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Here’s a map for the Avon Pavilion:

As you can see, Avon Pavilion is about a half hour from our head office in Brick, NJ!